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At Nowe Widoki, we offer individual business and personal development coaching. We support our clients in recognizing their own skills and potential. We specialise in business coaching for women.


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Jestem coachem w trakcie certyfikacji w ramach programu CoachWiseTM zgodnego ze standardami ICF. Moim obszarem działania jest indywidualny coaching biznesowy.

Psychoterapeuta i coach z Warszawy


Zapraszam osoby dorosłe na współpracę w trybie procesu coachingowego (około 6 spotkań co 2-3 tygodnie) zarówno w warszawskim gabinecie, jak i online, w języku polskim i angielskim.

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Koszt pojedynczej sesji coachingowej wynosi 150 zł. Zapraszamy na spotkania w gabinecie lub online. Czas trwania jednej sesji to 90 minut. Płatność gotówką lub przelewem.

The power of work with a coach shows how many answers lie within ourselves.
When setting the goal of the coaching process, take a look at what you have influence on and
where your actions and conscious presence can shape the reality.
We can work together on:

  • Building up self-confidence
  • Working on goals and priorities
  • Preparing for change and pursuing goals
  • Taking up challenges
  • Career planning
  • Assertiveness and self-expression
  • Working on one’s own needs
  • Preventing occupational burnout
  • Developing resistance to stress
  • Conflicts and communication issues
Coaching biznesowy


Who is coaching for?

Professional coaching, i.e. related to career and personal development, is offered to adults who seek support in their pursuit of goals and facing challenges, and essentially, who are striving for a change. I specialise in coaching women in business. My working languages are Polish and English.

How does the meetings schedule look like?

The coaching process comprises 6-8 meetings held every two to three weeks. These intervals provide the Client with an important space for action and development, as well as for exercises and implementation of changes.

During the first session, we establish the terms and conditions of cooperation. We discuss the Client’s aims and aspirations, and agree on the number and frequency of meetings.

Each meeting lasts 90 minutes. We work on the Client’s goals, analysing her own resources and potential. Using coaching tools, we look at reality, variants of action, and sources of additional support or inspiration. The Client remains in the centre of our work along with her experience, skills and creativity.

Online sessions

Online sessions are held via Teams; the client does not need to have a Teams account. The minimum technical requirements are stable Internet connection, microphone and camera. I strongly advise against meetings without video. Please test your device beforehand to make sure it is possible to run a session.

Cancellation of meetings

A session may be cancelled no later than 24 hours (1 day) prior to the scheduled meeting. Sessions cancelled later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting are payable at the agreed rate for a single session. Failing to show up on the agreed date without prior cancellation of the session is subject to the payment of the full charge for the session.

Work ethics

In this form of cooperation, coach is not a motivational speaker, trainer nor a therapist, but a supportive companion in the pursuit of goals. I work according to the ICF Code of Ethics (you will find its full version here).

Not sure if coaching is for you? E-mail me ( or call me (+48 739 906 648). I will answer your questions and advise on further steps.


Psychoterapeuta i coach z Warszawy

What is coaching about?

There are a few types of coaching. The one in our offer is hands-off coaching, with the coach facilitating the client’s exploration of their potential and abilities through asking questions. Within this framework, the coach never imposes any solutions or steps to take on the client; she does not give advice what decision to make or what goals to set.

  1. The goal and striving are formulated by the person who sits in the chair opposite to coach. They might work together to make them more precise as it is often the case. They will look at the current situation and resources available to the client: skills, talents, relationships and development options.
  2. In the next stage coach and her client work on the steps the client can take towards her goal. The actions are specific and attainable.
  3. The process takes approximately half a year, with the meetings taking place every three weeks. During each, the client and coach discuss what is changing, how is the work towards the goal going, what the client learns about herself and how these experiences can be used in the further stages of the process.

Coach is an ally who assist in deep reflection and recognizing new possibilities of action and influence.

There is great chance that during the coaching process, the client will…

  • lean something new about herself,
  • introduce new elements to her life to support her development,
  • make good use of available resources – physical, intellectual, emotional and social,
  • turn her desires and needs into real actions.

What is coaching not about?

In the coaching process, the client ‘s role is not to be understood as trainee Or patient. What she takes part in is not a course or advisory session. The coach’s role is not to convey knowledge in any particular topic, demonstrate and then test how much she has learnt. The coach will also not sell any universal guidelines how to achieve success and satisfaction.

The coach-client relation is based on partnership. The coach is not to be regarded as someone who knows more and better, quite on the contrary – it is the client who can gain deeper insight into what is going on inside her and around her. The coach supports her by asking questions and sharing observations based on the client’s verbal and non-verbal input. The coach is on the client’s side, and as such will not assess her or criticize her. The coach will be her companion.

Personal business coaching which we have in offer revolves around the topics rooted in professional life, career and personal development. It does not cover private aspects of family life, health and diet. Naturally everyone is a combination of both parts of our lives, and such a holistic perspective is present in the coaching process. Yet the core of it will be the realm of work, career and development.

Forms of cooperation

The client’s residence and lifestyle not always allow for coaching sessions in the office. During the pandemic, we actually recommend avoiding meetings in person. Online coaching – held over Teams or Skype – proves to be just as effective. Provided appropriate conditions are fulfilled, this form allows for every aspect of the session: verbal and non-verbal communication, simple drawing (with the screen share functionality), or even usage of space around the client in her home. These key conditions are: good stable internet connection, well-functioning camera and microphone, and privacy: throughout the meeting, the client should enjoy the comfort of not being seen or heard by other family members.

In New Views, we also offer coaching in English. If only the client feels confident about expressing her thoughts precisely enough, we can work in that language.

Coach: who is she / he?

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