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Difficulties in coping with emotions

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Low self-esteem

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Relationship issues

Is it worth it?

cience shows that our difficult experiences can give rise to problematic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, that become deeply rooted in our brain and thus are extremely resistant to change. That is why we often have the impression that some aspects of our life resemble a vicious circle.

How many times can you feel the same fear, the same sadness, the same loneliness?

You can try various things: read many self-help books, take medication supposed to relieve pain, seek respite in domestic duties or professional activities. And even though you might feel better for some time, the change will not last.

For this reason, psychotherapy is one of the best solutions as an active experience that allows to work towards changing painful and problematic patterns.

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Therapy stages

Stage #1: Understanding in what way life experiences have made it difficult to meet emotional needs and have contributed to negative patterns. This is not a process of blame or an attempt to change the past. It is a stage that fosters reflection and awareness of how problematic patterns have grown.

Stage #2: Seeing how problems and difficult experiences affect your adult life. Emotional pain can often be very difficult to bear, which is why we frequently try to cope with it by avoiding emotions. The avoidance often takes the form of an escape, such as alcohol abuse, Internet addiction, workaholism, or loneliness. For some people, permanent reduction of self-esteem may occur. In therapeutic work, we develop greater flexibility in the way we deal with difficulties in order to reduce unpleasant experiences.

Stage #3: Acquiring the ability to question negative patterns of thinking and acting. We practice new skills of recognizing new patterns that allow you to experience your everyday life in a different way. Towards the end of the therapy, changes in behaviour and breaking the patterns will be the main goal, until you feel confident enough about your newly acquired skills.

Stage #4: Preventing recurrence. We learn to recognise in what situations old patterns can take control of your life. We recognise the triggers of unpleasant emotions and old patterns of responding. Together, we develop plans to prevent the issues from recurring.

Remember that the therapist is present during the entire process, supporting you and helping you to get through the change in a secure way. No client or issue is the same. That is why the sessions are based on your individual needs and goals.

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Individual therapy is recommended for people coping with:

Our offer includes psychotherapeutic support for women from different parts of Poland and the world.

You can meet with us at our office in Warsaw and online. Sessions via the Internet are no different from live meetings, and it is a convenient form of meeting with a psychotherapist.

Cooperation with a psychotherapist

a) Psychological consultation aimed at recognising the issue and possible solutions

b) Short-term therapy (approximately 10-14 meetings) aimed at working intensively towards solving an issue

c) Long-term therapy focused on in-depth analysis and overcoming long-term issues. The number of meetings is determined individually

The first two meetings are primarily interviews that allow the therapist and the client to get to know the client’s current situation and define the objectives necessary to start the therapeutic process.

A psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes. Meetings start at a previously arranged time. Sessions take place once a week, but it is possible to increase the frequency. Regularity of meetings is the key for the therapeutic process to be effective.

Online sessions are no different than those held in person. We ensure full confidentiality. Online sessions are run via Teams; the patient does not need to have a Teams account. The minimum technical requirements are: Internet access, microphone, and web camera. The patient is obliged to test her device beforehand to make sure she will be able to join with audio and video connection. We are not responsible for technical issues on the patient’s side.

A session may be cancelled no later than 24 hours (1 day) prior to the scheduled meeting. Sessions cancelled later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting are payable at the agreed rate for a single session.

If the client does not inform about her absence or fails to show up on the agreed date, the contract is terminated (in specific circumstances it is possible to continue the meetings once the full charge for the session which was not held has been paid).

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