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Online coaching - effective online coaching

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Online coaching - is it worth it?

Online coaching is one of the most popular options for conducting coaching processes. There are many benefits: you can connect at the agreed time from anywhere, you don’t waste time commuting, you can easily reconcile various areas important to you, and above all, you can make changes in your life in a relatively simple way!

Research shows that with trust and a good relationship, online coaching is as effective as the traditional form of cooperation in the office. Working offline and online have the same goals and the same value, regardless of the meeting mode.

Let’s get to know each other. I invite you to a free initial online coaching session.

Online coaching sessions are for you if…

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Professionalism and cooperation

I know what it’s like to be a woman in the workplace. I know the challenges you face because I’ve watched them over the years: uncertainty when speaking up in a meeting, feeling powerless when negotiating contracts, and worrying about getting things done on time. I offer online coaching – business coaching to help women increase their self-confidence, to find their voice and increase motivation for the professional life they want.

It does not promise miracles, but effective and professional methods of work.
My program will guide you through a smooth and expert process that will allow you to identify and minimize the specific aspects that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

In online coaching sessions, we will jointly recognize your resources that will strengthen you in pursuit of your goals and desires.

I invite you to cooperation. I also offer coaching in English.

Benefits of online coaching

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korzyści z coachingu online

An online coach is needed when you want to work on the following areas:

Online development sessions. What methods does he use during online coaching?

Hands-off coaching – I do not impose solutions or use advice based on my own experience. I support in building, I support in the development of specific skills. First of all, it asks questions – it is their power that makes you find new resources, possibilities and strength in yourself.

The Methodology is based on eleven core coaching competencies according to the International Coach Federation (ICF) divided into four main groups:

  • Determining the rules of cooperation
  • Co-creation
  • Effective communication
  • Supporting the learning process and achieving results

ICF Code of Ethics defining the rules of conduct, areas conflict of interest, professional dealings with clients, confidentiality and privacy, and sustainable development.

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Kim jest coach online

What is coaching? Who is an online coach?

Online coaching is a form of professional support to help you identify and overcome barriers on the way to achieving your goals and strengthen your potential. Coaching programs help women break self-imposed limitations and end self-sabotage.

A coach is a professional who helps and accompanies in the process of change or achieving goals. Often an effective coach is a certified coach who has undergone a series of training courses of accredited centers preparing for the profession. The coach often has extensive experience in the area in which he or she coaches. In the case of professional business coaching, the coach often works as a manager, has many years of business experience, knows the specifics of working in large global companies.

An online coach increases your efficiency at work and supports your professional development.


Online business coaching, i.e. embedded in the subject of career and personal development, I offer to adults who are looking for support in pursuing their goals, face a challenge, and want to achieve change.

I specialize in coaching women in business.

I work in Polish and English.

The online coaching process includes 6-8 meetings (process duration) held every two to three weeks. These intervals provide an important space for the client to act and develop, as well as exercise and implement changes.

The first session is devoted to establishing the terms and conditions of cooperation. We discuss the client’s goal and aspirations, we determine the number and frequency of meetings.

Each meeting lasts 90 minutes. We work on the Client’s aspirations, analyzing his/her own resources and potential. Using coaching tools, we look at the reality, variants of action, sources of additional support or inspiration. The client remains in the center along with her experience, skills and creativity.

Online development sessions are carried out by Teams. The minimum technical requirements are: access to a stable internet, working microphone and camera.

The client does not need to have her own account on the Teams platform.

I advise against meetings without a video channel. Please test your device beforehand to ensure online coaching is possible.

The session may be canceled at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled meeting.

Sessions canceled later are charged at the agreed rate for a single session.

Failure to arrive on time without prior cancellation of the session is subject to the full fee for the missed session.

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First online coaching meeting

The first online coaching meeting is called the zero session. It is used for an initial conversation devoted to the topic with which you come – we decide together whether it is an area for coaching work, or rather psychotherapeutic or career counselling. The zero session is also for you to ask all the questions, the answers to which will allow you to decide whether you want to start the coaching process. We will try to provide a safe, intimate space that allows you to engage in conversation. We will also check your comfort and safety level when you enter the virtual office.

If you are not sure if business coaching is for you, write ( or call (+48 739 906 648) – I will answer your questions and advise on further steps.

Preparation for an online session

The rules of online coaching sessions do not differ much from those in the office. We are committed to full discretion and confidentiality. On our part, no one but the coach can hear the client during the conversation. Online sessions are carried out via the Microsoft Teams application, which is considered one of the safest messengers on the market. It allows e.g. for data encryption, authentication and advanced inspection, which prevents third parties from accessing the content in the application.

Technical requirements:

  • You can download Microsoft Teams [here], but this is not a necessary condition; before the session, you will receive a link to the meeting in which you will also be able to participate via a browser (e.g. Google Chrome);
  • If you’ve used the app before, make sure you remember your login details;
  • Before the meeting, be sure to check that the equipment is working properly: microphone, camera, stable internet connection – without them we will not be able to carry out the session;
  • Minimize distractions – things or sounds that may disturb you during a conversation
  • If you are calling from the office, ensure your privacy and peace of mind – ask not to be disturbed during this time. 

Psychotherapy? What is not coaching?

It should be remembered that the client during the process of working with the coach is not a participant of the course or a patient. He does not participate in training or in a consultation or advisory session. The coach does not stand in front of her to pass knowledge on a given topic, demonstrate and then conduct a test. Nor does it sell a universal recipe for success and satisfaction. A coach is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, crisis interventionist, trainer or career advisor.

The relationship between the coachynia and the client is a partnership. The coachyni does not position herself as someone who knows better and more, on the contrary – it is the client who has the chance to gain the deepest and fullest insight into what is happening in her and around her.

The coach supports her in this by asking questions, reflecting what she hears and sees. She takes the client’s side, does not judge or criticize her. Accompanies.

Business coaching in Warsaw and online business coaching, which I offer in Nowe Widoki, focuses on the professional sphere, business, career and personal development. We do not discuss family or health issues here, i.e. strictly life coaching. Of course, each of us is a whole and such a holistic view accompanies us in the process, while its main topic and goal pursued by the client are issues in the field of work, career and broadly understood personal development.

Form of cooperation - get to know customer opinions

Place of residence and lifestyle do not always allow for a meeting in the office. Coaching over the Internet – coaching via Teams or Skype – is no less effective.

Online individual coaching, while maintaining the right conditions, the form allows for the implementation of all aspects of meetings: verbal and non-verbal communication, drawing diagrams (by sharing the screen) and even using space.

The key is a stable internet connection, a camera and a microphone that allow for trouble-free reception of good quality and ensuring privacy – no one from the household should hear or see us during the entire meeting.

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