Psychotherapy and coaching for women

Coaching dla kobiet i psychoterapia: Nowe Widoki

Nowe Widoki – founded to assist women

Nowe Widoki – New Views – were founded to satisfy the need for up-to-date services for women in the psychotherapy and coaching market. We are here to really understand and to look at your resources, needs and goals together. No more judging, no more labels, no more lifelong diagnoses. We approach every client individually, with carefulness and acceptance. We focus on quality and draw on the most recent knowledge. We are experts who develop effective programmes to empower women based on our professionalism, experience and continuous development. We help to achieve both personal and professional goals.

Nowe Widoki is an intimate space away from large therapy and coaching centres. We foster the sense of security and work ethics both in the office and during online conversations.


Ms Kasia helped our son overcome depression. The tasks she gave him made him understand himself. He started to deal with emotions, he is now more active. Apart from the sessions with my son, we got information on how to deal with him. We really liked this "holistic" approach. I recommend it, great specialist, great person.


Ms Kasia helped me get my daughter out of her eating problems. Thanks to Mrs. Magister, my daughter finally wanted to see a psychologist. There were no hospitals or drugs. I liked the fact that Mrs. Magister had a plan for every meeting - every session gave her daughter something. It was also important for me that Kasia involved me in the treatment of my daughter. I really recommend it highly.


This is my first encounter with CBT. I am very satisfied with both the techniques and the approach of Mrs. Kasia. Mrs. Maruszewska is a warm and competent person. At the meeting, it creates a very safe atmosphere and makes the person feel heard and, above all, understood. Thanks to her, I came to the source of my problems and regained faith in myself. I recommend. Such a specialist is a treasure.

Gosia K.


Psychotherapy deals with long-term difficulties that often affect numerous areas of life. Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on current topics that hamper the achievement of the goals pursued. A psychotherapist works with people who often suffer from various symptoms that make it difficult to cope with everyday life. A coach supports clients whose overall good level of functioning allows for gradual implementation of changes.

Yes. Psychotherapy methods differ in their approach to understanding the client’s difficulties and how to surmount them. The basic therapy methods often use different techniques where the effects may focus on the unconscious sphere or beliefs, or on working with the body. Obviously, all therapy methods have certain elements in common, for instance building a therapeutic relationship. The level of trust, understanding and authenticity in therapy is a key therapeutic factor.

At Nowe Widoki, we offer cognitive behavioural therapy and schema therapy as we believe them to be the most comprehensive and effective methods of solving our clients’ issues.

The first meeting is an interview aimed at getting acquainted with the client’s current situation and defining the goals and expectations necessary to start the therapeutic process. The first session is an opportunity to get to know each other: it is the onset of building mutual understanding and trust.

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    Psychotherapy and coaching sessions for women

    We support women from various parts of Poland and the world. You can meet us in our office in Warsaw and online. Internet sessions are no different than live meetings, being a convenient way of talking to a therapist or coach. For more details, see the Online Sessions tab.

    We offer the following forms of coaching and psychotherapeutic support for women:

    •  psychological consultation,
    •  individual psychotherapy,
    • online psychotherapy,
    • online coaching,
    • business coaching,
    • career coaching.

    What is our working model at Nowe Widoki?

    Our working model is clear and transparent. Psychotherapy for women is run according to the most recent integrative model of cognitive behavioural therapy. This method opens up more opportunities to work on an issue and on the process of implementing changes than the classical variants. It includes cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and self-compassion therapy.

    The coaching processes for women that we offer are based on a hands-off coaching style. A coach is a companion who – by posing the right questions – explores with the client the nature of the issue and the client’s own resources and capabilities. For this approach, the trust in client’s agency is fundamental. Working on the questions asked by the coach and with the coach’s support, the client can make use of and unlock her own potential. The coach does not indicate the direction here or impose any solutions. The answers lie with the client – they only need to be exposed.

    What do we help women with?

    Psychotherapy for women:

    • depression and sadness
    • anxiety
    • difficulties in coping with emotions and mood
    • low self-esteem
    • relationship issues
    • psychosomatic disorders
    • eating disorders
    • obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • personality disorders such as borderline or narcissistic personality disorder
    • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

    Coaching for women:

    • building up self-confidence
    • working on goals and priorities
    • preparing for change and working towards goals
    • taking challenges
    • career planning
    • assertiveness and self-expression
    • working on your needs
    • preventing occupational burnout
    • developing resistance to stress
    • conflicts and difficulties in communication