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Online psychotherapy for women

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Depression and mood disorders

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Difficulties in coping with emotions

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Low self-esteem

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Relationship issues

We help with difficulties such as:


online cognitive behavioural therapy can really help patients with depression

Social phobia

online therapy may be easier here because it is less confrontational

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

working with an online cognitive behavioural psychologist can address compulsions and obsessions

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

working with an online cognitive behavioural psychologist can address compulsions and obsessions

Anxiety and panic

online therapist helps with anxiety attacks

Health anxiety

working with an online psychologist means that the client remains in their own environment

Loneliness and isolation

online counselling provides help for people who feel isolated, no matter where they are

Low self-esteem

online psychotherapy can help sufferers increase their own confidence

Psychotherapy online Psychoterapia Online Nowe Widoki
Psychotherapy online Psychoterapia Online Nowe Widoki

Reasons to choose online therapy:

Three steps to start therapy

What makes us stand out:

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Psychotherapy online Psychoterapia Online Nowe Widoki

What cooperation in online psychotherapy looks like

a) Psychological consultation to identify the problem and possible solutions.

b) Short-term therapy (about 10-14 meetings) – aimed at intensive work on solving the problem.

c) Long-term therapy – focused on deeper analysis and work on solving long-term problems. The duration of the therapy is determined individually.

The first two meetings are primarily an interview, in order to get to know the client’s current situation and to define the goals necessary to start the therapeutic process. 

A psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes. Meetings start punctually at a pre-arranged time.

Sessions are held once a week with the possibility of increasing their frequency.

Regularity of the meetings is very important for the therapeutic process to be effective. 

Online sessions are no different to those in the office.

We are committed to complete discretion and confidentiality. Online sessions are conducted through the Teams communicator.

The minimum technical requirements to make the call are: internet access, a working microphone and a webcam. The patient does not need to have an account on the Teams channel. It is the patient’s responsibility to test their device to ensure that the session is possible.

We are not responsible for technical problems on the part of the patient.  

A session can be cancelled at least 24 hours (1 day in advance) before the appointment.

Sessions cancelled later than 24 hours before the appointment are charged at the agreed rate per session.

No notification of absence or failure to arrive at the agreed time means termination of the contract (under special circumstances it is possible to continue after paying 100% of the fee for the missed session). 

Online psychotherapy - is it worth it?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your life is going in circles in some aspects? How many times can you feel the same anxiety, the same sadness, the same loneliness? You can try different things – reading counselling books, taking remedies to relieve the pain, escaping into household chores or work. And while these ways may make you feel better for a while, the changes don’t last and we are back to square one again.

Science shows that our difficult experiences can create problematic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that are deeply rooted and resistant to change. Therefore, one of the best solutions is psychotherapy, which is an active experience, working to change problematic patterns. As a result, the therapeutic process can result in real and measurable benefits in our lives. 

We work with methods of proven, documented effectiveness in treating psychological problems and mental difficulties. 

Cognitive behavioural therapy aims to help a person break negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The therapeutic interactions are designed to help change thinking to help improve wellbeing and enhance coping strategies.

It is a structured and time-limited therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy provides patients with useful tools that promote symptom minimisation. Providing patients with skills that will create adaptive thinking and behaviour.

Online cognitive behavioural therapy has the same treatment value as in-office work. Some patients see online therapy as having additional benefits such as comfort, accessibility, flexibility. 

Short-term cognitive behavioural therapy lasts approximately 12-18 meetings. It is difficult to set a specific number of meetings, it all depends on the goals developed during the therapy meetings. It is assumed, however, that in order to achieve the desired effects, the therapy should be a process that consists of weekly meetings for at least three months. Read more 

Yes, the main aim of therapy is to improve future functioning. However, in therapy we sometimes refer to present and past events to give meaning and continuity to our experiences. 

It is a comprehensive approach that helps to overcome symptoms of disorders such as depression, insomnia, behavioural addiction (i.e. gaming and Internet addiction, shopaholism, gambling), eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, social phobia, generalised anxiety. 

Schema therapy is an extended form of cognitive behavioural therapy. The aim of the schema therapy is to help the patients to satisfy their basic emotional needs. In order to move in this direction, it is necessary to work on weakening early negative schemas, e.g. incompetence or abandonment.

Schemas are key beliefs and feelings about ourselves and our environment. They are self-perpetuating and resistant to change. Often even very favourable events in our lives are not enough to change a schema. Schemas do not usually disappear by themselves, active therapeutic work is necessary.

In schema therapy we use cognitive, behavioural and experiential techniques. We work on changing dysfunctional beliefs and building alternative beliefs that can be used to fight the patterns. We use behavioural techniques to work on changing patterns of behaviour and reactions that perpetuate negative schemas. We use experiential techniques (such as imaginal work, dialogue with chairs) to help process our experiences emotionally in a more adaptive way. Read more

Schema therapy is usually a longer process, because we work on the patient’s early schemas, which he or she usually functions with throughout life. There is no predetermined number of meetings, but the therapy usually lasts from six months to two years. 

Online work has the same treatment value as in-office work. Some patients see online therapy as having additional benefits such as comfort, accessibility, flexibility. 

Schema therapy is designed for people who face permanent, constantly recurring psychological problems, it is not recommended for acute clinical symptoms.

Schema therapy is recommended for patients experiencing: deep and persistent psychological problems, patients suffering from personality disorders (borderline, narcissistic, avoidant, anankastic, BNO) and chronic depression.

Your psychotherapist uses connections that are encrypted. A sense of security is a priority for us.

Your therapist always conducts online appointments in a locked room, maintaining the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as when working in the office. 

An online psychologist provides therapy for all clients, regardless of where they live. Online individual therapy can be conducted nationally and internationally.

Welcome: online psychotherapy Poland, online psychotherapy Warsaw, online psychotherapy Krakow, online psychotherapy Wroclaw, online psychotherapy Poznan.

  1. A working internet connection, webcam (you can connect from your computer or phone) – we recommend using a private (not public) Wi-Fi connection
  2. A safe space where you feel comfortable 

1. make an appointment online via our calendar

2. you will receive an invitation to an appointment from us

3. just click on the link at the appointed time of the meeting


Write to us and ask about the appointment – you can also ask us additional questions.

We conduct online counselling and online psychotherapy via Skype or Microsoft Teams. Psychotherapy via Skype – install the Skype program on your computer; Teams – you do not need to install the program, just click on the link in the invitation at the appointed time.

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