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Hello, welcome!

I’m Marta Kramer. I believe in coaching as methodology that has the power to transform the way we function, build relationships, perceive ourselves – and many other aspects of our lives.

Let me tell you about my coaching – the process of change and development I invite you to. It’s…

  • Related to business and self-development. I have a background in business, with years of experience in management roles in corporate environment. I got to know its dynamics and specifics inside out. I believe that just as in any other business model, also here in the very heart of the organizations there is human, with their needs, desires and emotions.
    I support women in business in their preparation to change and going through the complex process it involves. Some of the topics often brought by my clients are: functioning in the workplace, career path adjustments, balance between multiple aspects of professional and private life, own image and self-confidence, partnership in self-development, effective communication, and professional relationships.
    I do not offer advisory services in selection of job profile.
  • Non-directive (hands-off). I’m here to ask you questions to enhance your insight in yourself and your reality; into your needs and desires. They will help you recognize what’s stopping you on your way to accomplishments and goals. I am not going to show you the way you should go because I believe only you know which one is best for you – and I will support you in finding the answer.
  • Professional. As Associate Certified Coach (certified by International Coaching Federation), I work in alignment with ICF Code of Ethics. I consult my coaching processes with my mentor-coach, a practising specialist in coaching and mentoring.
  • Women-centred. I specialize in coaching for women, recognizing phenomena, issues and conditions typical of women in the workplace and on their career paths. In 2018, I graduated from the Women in Leadership course at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.
    Of course I work with men and non-binary clients as well.
  • Flexible. I work online. Meet me wherever you are!


  • Yoga and meditation
  • Local feminist and LGBT+ activism
  • Cats and dogs – my own, my friends’, those under great care, and those in need
  • Endless vegan goodies